Me in WMHACK 2020

Hello my dear Wikimedian’s,

Before the hackathon, I was dreaming about travelling to Tirana, Albania and was a little disappointed at not being able to see everyone in person. All my previous memories in Prague were going through my mind and I was wondering how the virtual hackathon will be held.

During the hackathon, it was nice to see people from all over the world on one screen. I may not be able to meet all people even in offline hackathons but Remo made it very interesting to collaborate, join in tables and discuss about cats & dogs \o/. I especially enjoyed Tony’s DJing, his music made me sit with my laptop for hours together and work 10x times better than usual.

In this hackathon, I attended a couple of sessions to learn and expand my knowledge on wikidata. In the “Introduction to Wikidata” session by Tohaomg I learnt various techniques to add/edit information in wikidata tables and about its structured data. In the “Introduction to SPARQL for beginners” session by Vigneron, I learnt to write a few basic queries.

After these sessions, I installed Wikidata Query UI in my system and was playing around with queries. I found that i18n internalization was missing for a tool tip of Query Helper, I reported the bug in the phabricator and stepped forward to fix it. Apart from this, we fixed a few bugs in the VideoCutTool UI and scaled the tool to accept multiple requests at once.

The photography session was super fun, Tohaomg made us kids while clicking a snap, Dog walk by Andrew and Rachel Farrand was also amazing, It was nice to see different places, parks, lakes and snow deserts, it made me feel like I was living there in those places and spending time cooling off ^^

Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 Group Photo

Fig: Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 group photo.jpg

I also got an opportunity to meet our new GSoC’20 and Outreachy interns and shared my thoughts/experience with them, Thanks Srishti and Pavitra for hosting such a warm welcome party 🥳

I felt a little nervous to present my work in the showcase session, it took me around 10 min to return to normal after presenting my work. I was so happy to hear others encouragements and got tons of appreciation from many wikimedians on my work and they loved my tool ❤️

Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 Group Photo

Fig: Project showcase in Wikimedia Hackathon 2020

It was wonderful to see all the participants’ enthusiasm in learning, helping and sharing knowledge with each other to complete their projects. This makes me want to attend many more wiki conferences and/or hackathons and stay with this friendly community. **After** the hackathon, I felt so happy to have had such a productive and fun time with the wiki family and I can’t wait to see you all again !!